Responsibility in ICOS/OTC


Abdirahman M. Omar  Researcher II NORCE Station PI
Agneta Fransson  Research scientist NPI Station PI & member of the ICOS-Norway GA
Andreas Stohl Senior Scientist NILU Lead integration activity and member of SSC
Are Olsen  Professor UiB Lead marine work and member of SSC
Benjamin Pfeil   UiB Lead data management work
Berit Modalen   NILU Administrative contact  
Camilla Landa   UiB Engineer, data management
Cathrine Lund Myhre Senior Scientist NILU Lead atmospheric work and member of SSC. Norwegian National Focal Point
Chris Lunder Scientist NILU Involved in atmospheric work  
Christine Groot Zwaaftink Scientist NILU Integration activity  
Daniel Rasse Head of Department Environment and Natural Resources Soil Quality and Climate Change NIBIO Lead ecosystem activty and member of SSC
Erik Sandquist  Research coordinator NORCE SSC secretary, contracts
Eva Beate Andresen  Financial director NILU NILU Contractual and financial issues
Gunnar Myhre Senior Researcher CICERO Institute contact involved in the integrarion
Hanna Silvennoinen  Ph.D. NIBIO Specialist soil flux sysrtems
Helge Meissner   Engineer NIBIO Technical support
Holger Lange  Senior Researcher NIBIO Coordination of station development
Ingunn Skjelvan  Researcher II NORCE Station PI and lead for Time Series Stations
Kjetil Tørseth  Research leader and director of Dept. Atmospheric and Climate Research NILU NILU Member of the ICOS-Norway GA  
Mona Isaksen Project Controller NORCE Lead Financial reporting
Magnus Lund  Professor 2 NIBIO Specialist eddy flux  
Mats Granskog    NPI Substitute ICOS-Norway GA member
Meike Becker  Post Doc UiB Station PI and coorditaion of marine network
Melissa Chierici  Researcher IMR Member of the ICOS-Norway GA  
Ove Hermansen Scientist NILU Involved in atmospheric work  
Petter Åberg    NPI Administrative/economy
Roald Sørheim Director of the division for Environment and Natural Resources NiBIO Member of the ICOS-Norway GA
Rona Thompson   NILU    
Sigve Naustdal  Engineer UiB Marine measuerements
Steve Jones   UiB Software architekt marine measuerements
Kristin Kalvik Admin Leader UiB Admin and financial
Trond Dokken  Vice President, Climate  NORCE Member of the ICOS-Norway GA
Siv Kari Lauvset  Senior Researcher NORCE Project Leader and  lead of SSC
Trygve Serck-Hansen  Head of Administration. Division for Environment and Natural Resources NIBIO Contractual and financial issues
Vikebø Frode  Programleader IMR