Data Policy

The specific responsibility of ICOS Norway within ICOS is to provide observational data covering the atmospheric, terrestrial and oceanic realms in high-latitude regions, as well as higher-level products such as CH4 and CO2 flux maps.

ICOS Norway is interacting with ICOS through the thematic service centres set up for each of the three measurement modules (ATC-Atmospheric Thematic Centre, OTC-Ocean Thematic Center, and ETC-Ecosystem Thematic Centre) to ensure data coherency, quality, open access and long-term archiving. In addition, ICOS Norway is liaising with ICOS for the coordination and via the ICOS Carbon Portal for access to all data from all pan-European sites and integrated products.

The data and products will be open and freely available at no cost for all interested users (License: Creative Commons 4.0 BY).

More detailed information about the data policy can be found in the ICOS data policy document.