Trans Carrier

Chief scientist: Ingunn Skjelvan

Institution: Uni Research and University of Bergen

Trens Carrier

The cargo ship Trans Carrier is owned by Sea-Cargo AS, and is built in 1994. It is 145 m long and primarily sails between Sunndalsøra (approximately 190 km south of Trondheim) and Rotterdam in the Netherlands, crossing the North Sea and visiting several harbors in Norway, in Denmark, and in the Netherlands on its way. The ship will be equipped with an automatic pCO2 measuring system including sea surface temperature sensor, and a thermosalinograph measuring sea surface salinity. Along the sailing track the ship crosses fjord and coastal water in as well as semi-open ocean. The fjords and inner part of the coast are areas where the inorganic carbon cycle shows a high degree of variability as it is influenced by e.g. fresh water input from land, mixing of local water masses and biological activity. The North Sea, which is the shelf area between Norway, Denmark, the Netherlands, and UK, is a sink area for atmospheric carbon dioxide. The primary production is directly affected by changes in nutrient distribution, and this will also affect other specimens in the ecosystem.



Measurements operated by:   Uni ResearchIn cooperation with:Sea-Cargo and Unversity of Bergen