Equipment overview

G.O. Sars

GO system on G. O. Sars
The CO2 system onboard the research vessel G. O. Sars.

The research vessel G.O.Sars was built in 2003 and then also the first automatic CO2 measurement system (Neill system) was installed. In April 2015 a completely new CO2 system delivered from General Oceanics was installed. The system consists of an equilibrator through which seawater is pumped with a flow of about 3L/min. A spiral nozzle forms a regular spray, so that the water and the gas phase achieve equilibriums fast. The gas phase is then pumped through a NDIR analyzer, where the mole fraction of carbon dioxide is measured. From this, the fCO2 is calculated by using the respective sea surface temperature and salinity. In a regular rhythm the system switches to measure four different calibrations gases and the atmospheric CO2 fugacity. Besides the fugacity of carbon dioxide, also the sea surface temperature and the sea surface salinity is measured using a thermosalinograph (SBE21) operated by Institute of Marine Research. Further an Aanderaa optode measures the dissolved oxygen in the surface water. The water intake is at 6 m depth.