07 November 2022

The 2022 annual meeting for ICOS National Network Norway was held at Oslo Science Park in Oslo from 7 to 8 November, with CICERO as local organizer.


  • Welcome and information from the coordination team, Siv Kari Lauvset, NORCE
  • Trends in greenhouse gas concentrations in Norway and Svalbard/ status of the atmosphere domain, Stephen Platt, NILU
  • Introduction to the EU project MISO, Tuan-Vu Cao, NILU
  • Short update and plans for the Hurdal Atmosphere station, Chris Lunder, NILU
  • Surface water pCO2 measurements during the MOSAiC expedition, Nicolas Roden, NILU
  • Atlantic Ocean air-sea CO2 fluxes 1981-2021, RECCAP-2 Synthesis, Meike Becker, UiB
  • Deep convection strengthens the Greenland Sea sink for anthropogenic carbon, Are Olsen, UiB
  • Status of NO-Hur and planned activities, Holger Lange, NIBIO
  • Estimating Carbon Sink Strength of Norway Spruce Forests Using Machine Learning, Junbin Zhao, NIBIO
  • Grafana as data control and visualization tool, Helge Meissner, NIBIO
  • Status of the Integration Activity, Christine Groot Zwaaftink, NILU
  • Terrestrial CH4 and CO2 fluxes from the Community Land Model (CLM), Iris Mužić, CICERO
  • Quantifying leaks from the Northstream pipelines one, Rona Thompson and Ignacio Pisso, NILU
  • The ICOS OTC: current status and future prospects, Richard Sanders, NORCE
  • Fossil fuel Emission, Robbie Andrew, CICERO
  • Strategies for long-term funding, moderator: Siv Kari Lauvset, NORCE
  • Phase 2 status update; challenges and opportunities, moderator: Siv Kari Lauvset, NORCE