ICOS Norway Annual Meeting 2021

01 November 2021

The annual meeting for ICOS National Network Norway was held in Bergen at hotel Ørnen from 8 to 9 November 2021, with NORCE as local organizer.


  • Welcome, Siv Kari Lauvset, NORCE
  • Greenhouse gas measurements at Birkenes and Zeppelin, Stephen Platt, NILU
  • CH4 campaigns and modelling of oil rigs in the North Sea, and results from CHE on urban CO2 assessment, Ignacio Pisso, NILU
  • Temporal and spatial variability of CO2 in the northern North Sea, Ingunn Skjelvan, NORCE
  • Coastal CO2 dynamics in southwestern Norway, Abdirahman Omar, NORCE
  • RECCAP-2, Meike Becker, UiB
  • Status and update on the Hurdal flux tower, Holger Lange, NIBIO
  • Insights into the NEE-PAR relationship for a young spruce plantation, Holger Lange, NIBIO
  • Optimal ages for Gross Primary Production and Net Ecosystem Production in Norway spruce forests: an intersite comparison, Holger Lange, NIBIO
  • Brief update on the status of the integration activities, Stephen Platt, NILU
  • ICOS phase 1 results and plans for ICOS phase 2 contribution from CICERO (on CH4 and CO2 fluxes), Iris Mužić, CICERO
  • NIVA plans for phase 2, Andrew King, NIVA
  • Status update and phase 2 plans, including funding status, moderated by Siv Kari Lauvset, NORCE
  • Discussion on strategies for long-term funding, moderated by Siv Kari Lauvset, NORCE